Lambert St. Louis (STL) Admirals Club

Airline clubs aim to offer an escape for travelers from the stresses of flying. However, not all airlines clubs are created equal. Our goal is to visit as many as possible to keep you informed on your next trip. Today we will be reviewing the Lambert St. Louis airport Admirals Club before going over all the ways you could find yourself enjoying this club on your next trip.

IMG_3979Since the St. Louis airport has significantly decreased in daily departures from where it used to be, there is only one Admirals Club location.


The seating arrangements in this club are very similar to other locations, with a variable selection of seats and end tables.


It is nothing overly fancy and the club has an open feeling throughout, but also sectioned off into different areas based on the seating. The image above shows one of the sections set up in a U-shape against the wall with sets of two chairs and an end table. They are a great option for a group of people traveling together.


There are also multiple chairs lined up against the window and across from the window, with views out towards the gates and runway. The majority of this section is better suited towards a solo business traveler or a couple traveling together since the chairs are more set up in a line rather than a grouping. It’s also the seating area of the club offering the most natural light, but it comes with the slight downfall of being right in the area everyone enters and exits the club.

This club also has bar seating and tables with chairs near the bar for eating, playing card games, or casually working.


The entrance to the club can be found directly after security, rather than going down the walk way to the gates, turn left.


You will then see a sign stating “Admirals Club” with automatic sliding doors and a sign with the posted hours. After entering through the sliding doors on the lower level, and depending on the size of your luggage, you can either take the central staircase or one of the two elevators to the main club level to check-in.


With the Admirals club being located at the front edge of the terminal, it offers views of the aircraft parked at their gates down the left side of the concourse. Then from this spot it is also easy to catch some of the aircraft taking off. Even though the club is located at the very beginning of the terminal it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to walk to any of the gates served by American. It is a small club, with an easy to find location that affords a quick commute to the gate for boarding.

Food & Drink

The spread in the St. Louis Admirals Club is very similar to all of the other locations. They have an assortment of snack type foods set out and as far as I could tell than have not introduced the afternoon guacamole bar to this location yet–if anyone knows otherwise I would love to include that update.


The main food section is set up in a U-shape with an assortment of fruits, vegetables, humus & pita chips, nuts, and soup. During breakfast hours the soup gets switched out for oatmeal and there are also a few more items which can be used to make a very basic continental breakfast.


Then there is also a counter across from the U-shaped set up containing soft drinks, a coffee machine, an assortment of tea, and tiered tray with cookies and brownies. In the morning this area will have bagels with cream cheese and breakfast style pound cake.


The bar can be found at the opposite end of the entrance, past the food selection. It is extremely basic and almost feels as if they didn’t finish building the backsplash. Nonetheless, it still offers complimentary well drinks and domestic beers such as Bud Light, Budweiser, Coors Light, and Miller Lite. There is also a flat screen television to the left of the bar but it would be nice if they also had one behind the bar area.


The St. Louis Admirals Club has similar amenities to other Admirals club locations, including Wi-Fi and a small area designated as a business center with cubes. A selection of magazines can also be found on the wall near the business center. They don’t offer any spa procedures like some of the higher end lounges around the world but what they do offer is very adequate for the size of airport in St. Louis.

Club Staff


Since this is a smaller club they do not have as large of a staff but they still did a good job of keeping the snacks full. They also have a smaller wait staff with only one person generally taking orders. I will say though, the front desk agent was very nice and asked if there was anything they could look up for me or if I had questions about my upcoming flight they could answer.

How can you get in the St. Louis Admirals Club?

Admirals Club locations offer many ways to gain entry:

  1. Admirals Club yearly membership
  2. Admirals Club day pass
  3. Flying in either Business Class or First Class Internationally on your itinerary with American or another Oneworld carrier
  4. Flying Internationally as a Platinum, Platinum Pro, or Executive Platinum Member on your itinerary
  5. Owner of the Citi AAdvantage Executive Credit Card
  6. Flying with anyone who has one of the above as they can bring in a guest free of charge


  • Easy to locate after security
  • Offers runway views
  • Great option for a smaller airport


  • Smaller lounge
  • Majority of club not near windows
  • Awkward bar area

Final Thoughts

The majority of people flying in and out of Lambert St. Louis International Airport are probably connecting through a larger American Airlines hub before reaching their final destination. For this reason it is understandably smaller and has less frills than some other locations. With that being said, this lounge does the job it sets out to do by offering a place to relax away from the gate before starting your journey. I fully intend to return the next time I am at the airport. Share your thoughts below on what you think about this particular Admirals Club offering?

3 thoughts on “Lambert St. Louis (STL) Admirals Club

    1. That certainly was a while ago! It’s too bad American took so many of the former TWA flights away, but at least they were nice enough to give them an airline lounge! But I completely agree, they were helpful and even thanked me for coming in to increase their visitor numbers for that time of the day (a little humor never hurts).

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      1. “That certainly was a while ago!” look at you millennials making this Gen Xer feel old. Kidding of course. That is awesome what the club attendant said to you – humanized customer service really makes a difference!


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