Our First Taste of the New Voodoo Ranger IPA and Christie Co. Cookies on American Airlines

American Airlines is now serving freshly baked cookies by the Christie Cookie Co. and Fat Tire Voodoo Ranger IPA on all of its domestic First Class flights, excluding flights operated by American Eagle. I was rather excited when I heard this news since these are the same cookies served by the DoubleTree hotels and I couldn’t wait for my chance to try them onboard. When the time finally came this past weekend, the cookies didn’t disappoint — they were gooey, warm, and smelled delightful — what I would say is a definite improvement over the previous cookies. And I am saying all of that as a person who already enjoyed the cookies they were serving before this switch. Then for all of the snickerdoodle fans out there, don’t worry since they still offered this as an option in addition to the chocolate chip.

fullsizeoutput_4b3A Christie Co. chocolate chip cookie and glass of Voodoo Ranger

On the other hand, I didn’t find the beer to be quite as good as the addition of the new cookies. On domestic flights American Airlines currently serves the following beer:

  • Bud Light
  • Budweiser
  • Dos Equis
  • Heineken
  • Sam Adams

With this current selection they didn’t have any real IPA options so I think it was a great move for them to add a true IPA to the list, even if it isn’t the best IPA out there. Then the fact that it is 7%, and when I ordered one on my flight it arrived with second can, didn’t hurt the cause either. It is at least worth a try for anyone who is a fan of an IPA.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion the cookies are a definite upgrade and not because the previous ones were bad, these are just better and we have years of the DoubleTree serving these cookies as further proof. I also found the Voodoo Ranger to be a nice move, while I certainly wouldn’t say its the best IPA out there, I still enjoyed it and look forward to having the expanded option on future flights.

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