Visiting Lisbon? Try the Chiado — Eat. Drink. Walk. Tour

If you haven’t been to Lisbon then I would highly suggest adding it to your list of cities to explore in the near future. Known by some as the city of seven hills and filled with delicious wine and wonderful food — I had always heard Portugal was a great destination for anyone who is a seafood and wine aficionado — but I never really understood what these people meant until I arrived in Lisbon for the first time. Whenever we visit a new country we always like to try the local cuisine and Lisbon certainly made that one very enjoyable experience.

fullsizeoutput_434View from inside Mercado Da Ribeira in Lisbon

As usual, we did plenty of research before leaving — mainly searching for food experiences or tours of the city — luckily we came across a combination of the two! Called Chiado Eat. Drink. Walk., it sounded like the perfect trio. The tour, led by local Portuguese guides, takes a small group of people to several local bars and restaurants around the Chiado area of Lisbon to sample local food and wine. While also stopping along the way to point out any areas of interest. We certainly thought it sounded like an enjoyable way to see some of the city and try different local restaurants at the same time, after all, eating is one thing everyone has in common.

fullsizeoutput_437This was just the first food stop of our awesome adventure

The tour started at Mercada Da Ribeira, where we sampled wine and tapas while getting to know our guides, Filomena and Duarte, and the rest of our group. Little did we know this was the start to one of our favorite parts of the entire trip. The Mercada is located right across the street from Cais do Sodre metro station, making it an easy place to reach for anyone staying near a metro stop in Lisbon.

fullsizeoutput_435The view looking down Rua Do Chao Da Feira street in Lisbon

For this review I didn’t want to list every stop we made and show every piece of food we enjoyed along the way. But rather, show a few pictures from our tour and cover our experience, while leaving the food you’ll eat and the restaurants you might visit as a surprise. We want to keep the mystery alive. Besides, we learned that they have many restaurants on their list and they don’t take every tour to the same exact ones. We enjoyed each stop on our tour, but we learned Filomena and Duarte keep aces up their sleeves to make sure each tour is unique.

fullsizeoutput_43aA look inside one of the many stops on the Eat. Drink. Walk. tour

Now I am sure some of you are wondering if it is really possible to fill up on samples from restaurants that you’re sharing with a group. To be totally honest we had the exact same concern and I am here to tell you there is no reason you should be hungry at the end of this. We were able to enjoy plenty of food throughout the tour and Filomena & Duarte took care of ordering everything, so our only job was to eat and socialize.

fullsizeoutput_43dEveryone enjoyed the selection of wine and food

Each stop had a slightly different style of food, but everywhere we went had a generous complement of wine. We had some amazing Portuguese dishes that I had never tried before and then for anyone who is a fan of seafood we had some incredible garlic prawns — which I highly recommend. One of the people next to us booked the tour because they heard about the garlic prawns and she was not disappointed, saying the tour was turning out to be one of the highlights of their trip so far.

fullsizeoutput_43bImpressive display of hanging pig legs to be used for charcuterie

Throughout the tour we made multiple side stops at various restaurants, sites, and shops, while Filomena & Duarte gave the low down on the details and history. This is a great tour to do early on in your visit to Lisbon since you’ll be able to get familiar with the area of the tour and they are great at pointing out or recommending other restaurants to visit later on during the trip. We took their advice on visiting two different places later on, one for sushi and the other for seafood along the Tagus river.

fullsizeoutput_439Lisbon with a view of Castelo de Sao Jorge in the background

The weather during the tour was perfect and we were able to enjoy the sights and sounds of Lisbon while indulging ourselves along the way. We made several stops for food during the tour but I lost count of the actual number of restaurants, I just know we were disappointed when it all came to end. But all good things come to an end and fortunately we have this great experience now to look back upon and remember our time in Lisbon.


  • Tour guides were knowledgable about more than just food
  • Excellent food and wine
  • Great way to see the Chiado area of Lisbon
  • They offer additional tours if you enjoy the first one


  • The tour unfortunately had to end
  • Didn’t have the time to do the rest of their tours


€95 per person, visit their website here for additional information and booking

Final Thoughts

We had an amazing time on this tour and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again if we ever find ourselves back in Lisbon. The food and wine were excellent, the tour guides were knowledgable and fun to be around, and it was a great way to get more familiar with Lisbon. Just an all around great time. I would be curious to hear if anyone else has been on this tour, and if so what your thoughts were. Or if anyone has questions about our experience we would be more than happy to try and answer them. Hopefully you can find yourself on one of these tours during your next trip to Lisbon!

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