New British Airways Terraces Lounge is Top Notch – Boston Logan Terminal E

Airline lounges aim to offer an escape for travelers from the stresses of flying. However, not all airlines lounges are created equal. Our goal is to visit as many as possible to keep you informed on your next trip. Today we will be reviewing the Boston Logan British Airways Terraces Lounge in Terminal E before going over all the ways you could find yourself enjoying this lounge on your next trip.

For a quick summary on our visit scroll to the very bottom of the post.


The entrance can be found on the upper level of the international terminal down a bright hallway, which is a much welcome change over the old, dark, lounge that used to be in the basement. We were able to gain entrance with our Oneworld Sapphire status before our flight to London in British Airways A380 Premium Economy.


The entire lounge is full of a variety of seating options that resemble the traditional British Airways decor. It is broken up into multiple seating areas that can be picked depending on how you would prefer to spend your time in the lounge.


There are a number of chairs with the high back style throughout the lounge. Since we arrived quite early I sat in one to test it out and found it to be quite comfortable. We ultimately ended up picking a couple seats closer to the bar area with a view of the A380.


Most of the seating areas also had televisions mounted on the wall that could easily be seen while sitting. I thought the variety of colors really added a nice touch as well.


Along the left hand side of the lounge they have the floor to ceiling windows lined with seats in sets of two facing each other. These spots would be a good option for any couple or two friends traveling together.


The lounge area also has 3 long tables with seats in the food area that can be used for either working or eating. But please note, this area did get very crowded when the dinner buffet opened for the sleeper service so I wouldn’t recommend hanging out in this area for anything other than eating during this time.


The British Airways Lounge is located in the International Terminal E. After going through security take the elevator across from gate E11 up to the lounge level. A couple other airlines also have their lounges on this same level but it is easy to spot the British Airways Lounge entrance.


The design of this new lounge allows for great views of a few aircraft parked at their gates and the downtown Boston skyline. Simply having these great views of the A380 and downtown Boston while waiting on our departure only added to the excitement of our upcoming flight.


British Airways also added an extremely convenient feature to this new lounge to allow for direct aircraft boarding. Personally I found this to be awesome because we didn’t need to worry about timing our exit and walking to a gate for boarding. They simply called the boarding for our flight over the lounge intercom and we were able to scan our tickets with the agent and walk directly down to board the plane. If only more lounges had this feature, because as simple as it was it felt like it really added an excellent touch.

Food & Drink

This lounge also offers plenty of options for food and drinks to keep even the hungriest of passengers satisfied. In the time span we were there they had a variety of food choices set out, ranging from snacks, to meal options, to desserts. Part of the reason for all of these food options is the fact that British Airways also offers a sleeper service for First and Business Class Passengers. This involves a full dinner in the lounge before an east-bound overnight flight to allow passengers more time to sleep after boarding. However, since we planned to also eat on the flight we tried to mostly take a sampling of everything to share and we were honestly very satisfied with the quality of the food.

While we had to go near the front of the lounge to load up our plates with food, we spent the majority of our time in the very back near the focal point U-shaped bar and taking in the views of Boston in the background. We sat in the set of two chairs with the lamp and table in the above photo. Also, if you are one who prefers a mixed drink before flying this would be the area of the club to get it since this is the area with the bar staff.


For the selection of wine and beers they had a self-serve counter closer to the front of the lounge near the food selection. The beers and chilled wines were located in the lower fridge with the reds up top.


Before the actual dinner buffet started they had a variety of light snacks sitting out, including small sandwiches, wraps, a variety of chips, veggies, and soup. The wrap was a shrimp caesar, which I found to be divine. If you are a fan of this type of food then I highly recommend trying it.


After making our best attempt at controlling our portions while the snacks were out, we couldn’t resist trying the dinner buffet. Despite having dinner waiting for us on the plane we loaded up both our plates, in the name of research of course, to try out some of the dinner options. They had a selection of salad, vegetables, meat, chicken, grilled tofu, fish, and rice. With the main entrée served by the chef being a soft flour tortilla and a variety of choose your own toppings to make a taco. For the most part I went straight for this taco combination and didn’t regret it one bit.


The lounge also offers a coffee machine with a hot water option for their selection of Twinings Tea. Then there are also cookies to eat with your tea or coffee.


Then Boston doesn’t offer a Galleries First Lounge but it instead has a seated First Class dining section. I am not sure what selection of food they served since I was not in First Class but the above photo shows the seating in this section. Everyone I saw in this section seemed to be enjoying themselves.


The Boston Terraces Lounge has the basic amenities such as showers, bathrooms, wifi, and reading materials. From what I saw, the signature Elemis Travel Spa experience did not make its way into the British Airways lounge area here like it is at JFK and LHR.


The shower rooms are in a hallway near the middle of the lounge and right next to the bathrooms. The showers are located on one side of the hallway with the bathrooms on the other, then the showers can be used upon request with the front desk.


The lounge also has a wide selection of magazines and newspapers that can be taken along on the plane. I also checked the wi-fi while in the lounge and it was more than sufficient for messaging, surfing the web, and streaming videos. There were also a plethora of outlets available throughout the lounge for charging devices.

Club Staff

We arrived at the club a little before they opened but the front desk staff was nice enough to allow us in with the understanding that none of the food was ready yet. While sitting there we started chatting with the bar tender who was really nice and she took great care of use for the entirety of our stay in the lounge. We also had multiple people come around and ask us how everything was doing and if we needed anything else while clearing away our empty plates and glasses.

How can you get in the Boston British Airways Terraces Lounge?

The Boston British Airways Terraces Lounge offers a few ways to gain entry:

  1. Flying in either Business Class or First Class Internationally on your itinerary with British Airways or another Oneworld carrier
  2. Flying Internationally on your Oneworld itinerary as a Oneworld Sapphire or Emerald member
  3. Flying with anyone who has one of the above as they can bring in a guest free of charge


  • Excellent selection for food and beverages, including premium drinks
  • Plethora of seating options and tons of natural light
  • Great views of airplanes and the downtown Boston skyline
  • Offers direct boarding from the lounge on BA flights


  • Does not feature an Elemis Spa option
  • Opens and closes throughout the day depending on flight schedules
  • Can get crowded at certain times of the day

Final Thoughts

Overall I was very impressed with everything the British Airways Terraces Lounge had to offer. I would have to say it is definitely ranks up there as one of the top lounges I have visited in the United States. Between the many seating options, great views, fully stocked bar with premium drink options, and seemingly endless amounts of food, my once long layover quickly turned into an event I was almost disappointed to see end. In my mind the addition of this lounge in Boston certainly raises the bar for anyone departing out of Boston internationally on a Oneworld carrier. If anyone has visited this lounge or has plans to in the future we would love to hear your thoughts or questions in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “New British Airways Terraces Lounge is Top Notch – Boston Logan Terminal E

  1. Thank you for posting such a comprehensive review of this new lounge. I will be enjoying it in a couple months on a flight out of Logan (Cathay in One World). It has been difficult finding reviews of this lounge versus the old lounge. I even found a review of the old lounge that was published after the new lounge opened. Glad to see such a positive lounge review. Thank you.


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