How to Credit Etihad Miles to Another Airline

My friend recently booked a trip to India on Etihad and he can’t wait until the trip finally rolls around. Given the fact he has never flown on this airline in the past and going forward he won’t often be on Etihad, he doesn’t have a My Etihad rewards login. Rather than signing up for a program he may or may not use again, we set him up to earn miles on one of Etihad’s partners. Since he flies American Airlines most often we went with this. Below, you can learn how to do the same.


First off, start by going to the Etihad website and pulling up the homepage. It should look very similar to the screen above.


Then go over to the “My trip” section on the right side and click to expand the area. Enter your booking reference with Etihad, along with your last name, and click retrieve booking. Make sure the radio button for “Modify booking” is selected and not “View/print itinerary”.


Next it will take you to a web page very similar to the one above that states “Your Itinerary” at the top. You will then want to go to “Change flight details”, which is located on the left side directly under the “Booking” section.


Once here click on the dropdown menu to the right of “Loyalty programme” and select the airline you have a rewards number with. Then insert your frequent flyer number in the box next to it.


As you can see above, they have a decent sized list of airlines you can select.

Once all of the information is filled out you simply go to the bottom of the page and submit. Normally this should work but since my friend was having some issues with one of his connecting flights I received an error message that he wasn’t fully confirmed. If this happens to you also then you are not out of luck, you simply need to call the Etihad reservations number and explain to them your issue and ask them to add your frequent flyer number from your airline of choice. He ended up having to do this and they were able to take care of everything for him with no problem.

I also wanted to provide this link for anyone who is curious about the mileage recognition based on fare class purchased between Etihad and American Airlines. This web page covers which fare classes are eligible for earning miles on American Airlines for flights booked through Etihad, as well as how many miles those fare classes earn. Until next time!

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